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Marin Community Foundation 

Project financed in 2010


Growth Capital has assisted Nonprofit organizations to grow and prosper, using tax-exempt bonds. Tax-exempt bond financing is an extremely cost-effective alternative to conventional loans. 

Growth Capital’s clients have been able to reduce interest costs by an estimated 20% to 30%.

Tax-exempt funds can be used to make investments in capital assets, including land, buildings and equipment.  This financing can also be used for the acquisition of existing facilities, facility expansion, or even refinancing of existing mortgage debt. 

Many nonprofits have found that the right financing can reduce the cost of ownership to less than the cost of tenancy.

Nonprofit corporations that have used this type of financing include:

  1. Independent and special-needs schools

  2. Humane animal care organizations

  3. YWCAs & YMCAs

  4. Goodwills

  5. Health clinics & mental health centers

  6. Senior independent and assisted living facilities

  7. many other types of community service organizations. 

Pacific Ridge School

Project financed in 2010

Humane Society Silicon Valley

Project financed in 2008